'avin a dinner date with these two

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Natalie I wasn't able to get tickets for the tour, but I'm very glad I follow you cause I won't feel left out just cause I've never seen them in concert. I hope you have the time of your life when you go see them, Love You :) Take Care xx

aww i’m really sorry you couldn’t get tickets :( i hope you get some in future! i will do my best to take as many pictures and videos as possible so you can see lots of stuff from it honey, bless you x

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It's almost 12am here in California! :) Meaning that in just 1day our men will be singing those beautiful songs and will look super cute in their tour outfits. I am totally ready for this.

i am so excited, it’s going to be hell but i am so excited

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Harry in Los Angeles - 4/23 [HQs]
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Harry in Los Angeles - 4/23/14

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tuboleta: Supporters? # OneDirection are ready for what will happen this Friday, April 25th here? Remember to review all recommendations to enjoy the show “” http://goo.gl/cWlCVk

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